60th Birthday Surprise in Florida!

I’m still working on winding down from the last eleven days of travel, and they were absolutely unforgettable! I can’t believe how fortunate I am to have been able to spend time with my family in Naples and a birthday in Puerto Rico (I’ll be doing a recap of that soon – once I get through the 3,000+ pictures and videos!!!) So for now, I wanted to just wrap up the first part of my travels, which included a birthday surprise for my Dad’s 60th!
We’ve been planning the surprises for months, so keeping it quiet was getting tricky at the end – I was too excited! We managed to pull it off, though, and he couldn’t have been more shocked.

It was incredible, and I’d have to imagine one of his best birthdays yet. I was having too much fun in all of the excitement to take too many photos, but I do have a few!

First, my stepbrother Brad flew into Ft. Myers and showed up at the restaurant where my parents were dining (in what my Dad believed to be an anniversary dinner) and stunned my dad when he walked through the door. He even texted me a picture of the two of them, bragging about the “fun surprise” (meanwhile, I had been on a flight to do the very same thing!)

I landed a few hours later on Thursday night and took an Uber to their house in Naples, where my brother was keeping him distracted with a game of pool. The look on his face when I walked in was absolutely priceless…he literally dropped his pool stick mid-shot! I thought he was going to fall over. Seeing how happy he was absolutely made my week – and I’ve discovered that surprising people is one of my new favorite activities I’m definitely going to try that again soon…

As if that wasn’t enough, we were planning an 80-person surprise party the following night at our house, and that was the real show! We set up whatever we could hidden in the back corner of our patio while my dad enjoyed a round of golf and cigars with his friends. When he came home, he headed back to shower and change for our “family dinner”. 
Despite the music, 80 guests chatting, tables + candles, appetizers, caterers + bartenders, and a lot of wine, it was totally silent in his back bedroom, so he didn’t hear a thing! I think he spent the better half of the party just winding down from the shock of it all! I was beyond impressed that we pulled it off, especially with all of the planning my stepmom put in to make it all happen!

Moments after the surprise…I think he was still in shock!
I had to take Dad on a ride around the neighborhood to hide the evidence before the festivities – but at least he got to sample his favorite cupcakes!

Bewildered at the party planning talents of his lovely wife!
Wrigley wasn’t very happy with me when I told him I had to leave again…

Luckily, my boys forgave me and still escorted me to the airport for Puerto Rico.
It will be interesting to see how we top this for next year…Happy Birthday, Dad!

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    Gold Clutter
    March 8, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    You know how to throw a surprise party.

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