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My Packing List for Puerto Rico! - PrepEssentials

My Packing List for Puerto Rico!

I can’t believe I am leaving this week for my birthday trip to Puerto Rico…this trip totally snuck up on me! I booked it somewhat on a whim in early January when I realized that I wanted to do something fun and special for my birthday. 
My cousin Julia lives in Puerto Rico with her boyfriend (how can I sign up for that lifestyle??) and they just closed on a house, so it was perfect timing! My other cousin Hilary will also be visiting at the same time, and it is so rare for me to have quality time with them, so this trip will definitely be one for the books. 
The last time I visited her in Puerto Rico, the whole week was pretty much one nonstop adventure. Cliff diving, learning to surf, snorkeling and hiking – with a few margaritas and beach naps in between, of course! In all of my excitement, I picked up a few early birthday gifts for myself to bring with me. 

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven

I’m leaving on Sunday, but I’m planning (hoping) to be able to schedule all of my posts ahead of time so you won’t be missing any content while I’m gone! You can also follow along while I’m there on Instagram and Twitter!

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