Lilly Pulitzer After-Party Sale Details + Tips!

It’s finally here again…the Lilly Pulitzer After-Party Sale starts TOMORROW, January 5th at 8am (EST)! For those of you who have shopped the sale before, I don’t need to tell you how incredible it is. And if you haven’t – you’ve been majorly missing out!
Lilly Pulitzer doesn’t really have sales throughout the year, and instead has the After-Party Sale twice a year. It won’t be returning again until sometime in August, so now is the time to scoop up adorable bright colors and patterns to carry you through spring and summer at amazing prices! 
The sale is also known for being really overwhelming, and can be a bit confusing if it’s your first time…so scroll to the bottom of this post for my best tips on shopping the sale with success! 
The best thing to do beforehand to prepare is to look around the site and start picking out your favorites. Things go fast, so knowing your sizing, colors and favorites beforehand makes a huge difference. 
I’ve rounded up some of my top picks on the site right now to help get you started! I am personally most in love with this top, this gorgeous tank, and the details on this one

1. There is a Virtual Line – The site has a tendency to crash because this sale is so insanely popular. That’s why when you get to the site, you’ll be placed in a virtual line with a wait time. Don’t be alarmed if it’s an insanely high number of people ahead of you…it actually goes by very quick! Warning: if you refresh, you will be sent to the back of the line!
2. Set up your Account Information ASAP – If you have to take the time to fill out shipping and billing info, there is an extremely high chance that the item in your cart will be snatched up in seconds. Get online immediately and set up your account to login (sooner than later, because the site will likely shut down the night before in preparation). 
3. Don’t wait to fill your cart with every item on your wish list. If you find something you want, and it is in your size, buy it immediately and keep going. They organize everything by individual consumer later, and shipping is free, so there is no reason to wait and buy everything at once!
Have fun and happy shopping – I can’t wait to hear what all of you are able to scoop up!

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