Essentials of the Week!

This month has been a little bit…rocky so far. Things have all been completely turned upside down for me, both personally and professionally, and as a result I keep flipping from feeling in control and confident to confused, stressed and exhausted. 
Being the first full week back at work, I thought things might start to sift back into place but…no such luck. This weekend I’m going to focus on getting back into my routine, focusing on myself, and cutting myself some slack. With any luck, by the end of the weekend I’ll have a little more faith that things always work out for the best in the end.
Something about the new year always makes me ten times more critical of myself and my decisions, as if I’m setting the tone for everything else with my first two weeks of January. I’m planning on taking tonight to unplug, step away from socializing and just getting lost in a book on the couch. 
With that being said…here are my essentials that got me through this hectic week!
1. The Shoes I’ve Been Coveting All Week – I’ve essentially decided that the minute I can imagine enough outfits in my head that I could see myself wearing these with to justify the cost…I’m scooping them up! I love the bow detail, and they’re so different than anything else I have!
2. Journey to the Past – I personally am not really a big fan of Musicals (I think my last one was Wicked on Broadway at age 13, which was amazing) but the minute I saw this my jaw dropped. I will absolutely plan a trip to NYC the moment I can to go watch this. Did anyone else sing these songs for hours growing up? I had the music box and everything. Let the countdown begin…
3. Packing My BagsI (somewhat impulsively) decided earlier this week that I wanted to spend my 24th birthday in Puerto Rico, where my cousin just purchased a house! I visited her for spring break senior year, and she taught me how to surf! I’m already eyeing this swimsuit and this one. 46 more days!
4. For the Readers Out There – I’m planning on doing another book roundup soon of what I’ve been reading/what’s next on my list, but I had to share this series now because I’ve read books 1 & 2 of the trilogy in three days flat and I am loving it! It’s a dark/modern twist on Alice and Wonderland.

5. Set Your Sights on SunshineWith the decision to go to Puerto Rico, I’ve been looking to re-vamp my swimsuit wardrobe and couldn’t believe how many sales there are in JANUARY! This one-piece is amazing, and I think it might be the first one-piece to make it into my closet (unless you count old swim team suits from elementary school…which I do not, ha!)

That’s it for this week! I hope you all have amazing weekends!

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