My Best Blogging Time Management Secrets

With all of the increased traveling I’ve been doing lately, sometimes I find myself going weeks at a time without ever having a real routine (cue this particular mini-meltdown, oops!) I rely on my routine for a lot of reasons, the least of which is my time management. 
A lot of my friends ask me how I find the time to do all of the things I do, with blogging in particular. I have a full time job, a consistent workout schedule, a long distance relationship, and a lot of little things in between, so it’s safe to say that: 1) I so do not have it all together and 2) I use my calendar and planning apps excessively.

One thing I mastered back in high school is finding weird gaps in time and using them to my advantage. Waiting in a long line somewhere? Great time for a book. Having trouble sleeping? Perfect time to schedule out a few blog posts when I know I’ll have a crazy week later. 
These awkward ‘waste of my time’ moments have really seen an uptick ever since my travel schedule got a lot more full, and I realized it was a perfect time to take advantage of sitting in gates, long cab rides to the airport, and waiting for a long layover somewhere. 
I thought it might be helpful to anyone else like me who have such a hectic schedule and might be having a hard time finding ways to “do it all” – aka appear that way to others!

1. Make the Most of Travel Time – This one is a little bit newer to me, but it’s become completely essential. When I’m stuck in a long cab ride, it’s the perfect time to use some of my social media planning apps like Hootsuite (such a gamechanger!) Having no wifi can certainly be a problem, but I’ve discovered that it’s a great time to get the “writing” portion of a post done, or perhaps do a little photo editing.

2. Have the Essential Apps – I think most people have probably heard of/use Hootsuite, and it makes a huge difference for me (especially because I tend to forget about Twitter!) But the newest one I’ve downloaded that really changes the game is Unum. You can plan out your next few Instagrams and actually see how they will appear with the rest of your feed, draft out captions, and even schedule reminders!

3. Figure out what Planning Method Works for You – I’ve seen a lot of people swear by a social media calendar, a content calendar, or carry around a planner everywhere they go just for blogging. I don’t personally think there is any “wrong” way to do it, as long as you’re planning! Personally, using google calendars and syncing everything to my phone has proven to be by far the most effective way that I hold myself accountable for getting a post up on time, and it has helped me avoid the “writer’s block” issue.

4. Keep a Master List of Posts Somewhere – I’m constantly being inspired by the most random things throughout my day. Having somewhere to jot down a post idea, picture inspiration, or topic I’d like to share on here is so helpful. On a day I’m having a hard time feeling inspired, I just refer to the list and it is completely fail-proof at helping me get over my writer’s block.

5. Forgive Yourself – I see so many people (and am completely guilty myself, including today) feel guilty when they put up a post late, or forget it altogether. We’ve all got to work on cutting ourselves a break! As much as we’d love it to be our entire lives I’m sure, sometimes life just gets in the way. Sometimes we have a choice between finishing a movie and another glass of wine, or picking up the computer and cranking out a post late at night. Personally…wine tends to win in my book!

How do you stay motivated and on top of things when it comes to managing your blog, social media, and networking? I’d love to hear more tips, because I feel like I’m constantly learning more every day!

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