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How to Change Your Daily Routine for Winter

One of the toughest things that comes with the changing of seasons (especially if you live somewhere famous for its brutal winters like the Midwest) is sticking to a routine. Daylight savings was this Sunday, and looking out the windows at the end of the work day to pitch black was more than a little bit discouraging.

 It’s darker earlier, colder, getting out of bed in itself seems like the hardest thing you’ll attempt all day, and all you want to do is curl up in bed and stay warm. 

I realized last winter that I had quickly sunk into a routine that entirely neglected exercise altogether, eliminated the vast majority of social activities, and overall I just wasn’t taking the best care of myself. It became all too easy to hide inside, stay warm, and ignore a lot of the necessities.
Now that winter is approaching again, I’m already realizing that there are certain aspects of all of my daily/weekly/monthly routines that need adjusting. Does anyone else adjust their routines seasonally? Which aspects do you change?

Here are the adjustments I’ll be making starting this week:

1. Moisturizing constantly – Now that the wind is getting a little bit drier and colder, I’ve added a small cosmetic bag containing my favorite hand lotion, lip balm, and face moisturizer. Chicago winters can get pretty brutal for your skin, so it’s important to make subtle changes to your routine to make up for it!

*If you have sensitive skin like me, I’ve reviewed all of my favorite products that won’t irritate your skin!

2. Drinking (even more) water – The same way our hair and nails can dehydrate in winter, your body needs that extra moisture too. Being sure to drink those few extra bottles of water will have you resisting the dips in energy and hunger pangs that tend to come in with the winter months. (Not to mention drinking water will also help your skin stay healthy and beautiful, too!) If you need a little push, I’ve always found that infused waters keep me sipping all day long.

3. Shaking up my exercise routine – So far, I’ve still been managing to get myself over to the Pure Barre studio every day, but I suspect that once it gets even chillier, trudging there after work when it’s after dark will be a little bit less motivating. I’ve never been a morning workout person, but I found out last year that if you try to shake up your routine that way even just once or twice a week, it feels ten times easier to get yourself there during the other evenings.

4. Putting more energy in my mornings – Nothing feels worse than leaving your warm, cozy bed to begin your day when you know you have to sleepily trek through freezing weather, I always feel more and more tired as the months go on, so I know I have to make sure that my breakfasts and mornings leave me feeling energized from the start. Personally, I’m not a caffeine person, but a powerful and delicious smoothie always does the trick for me!

5. Paying close attention to my body – You’re probably already starting to hear the sniffles, coughs and raspy voices around you. Don’t fall into the cycle of being sick all winter long. There are so many ways to help prevent getting sick (even if you have a terrible immune system like me!) Listen to your body and symptoms, and don’t wait until you’re too ill to even make it to the doctor before taking action! You don’t want to miss a single minute of those fun holiday parties you have coming up, after all.

These changes are all very subtle and simple. but they really do add up to a huge difference in how you feel every day, and how your body reacts to the changes in the season.

Is anyone else starting to feel the pull to switch things up lately? Be on the lookout for a post sharing my best skin and hair care tips to protect them from the cold weather – and comment some of your favorites below! I’d love to feature some of them!

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  • Reply
    Ash Neverson
    November 10, 2016 at 2:40 pm

    This was very useful to know! I definitely have been struggling with working out but I'll try your tip!

    • Reply
      Olivia Tennant
      November 10, 2016 at 2:41 pm

      You really should – it was SUCH a struggle for me last year but adding in those 1-2 morning workouts (while they were a battle) made a big difference!

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