Essentials of the Week!

Happy Hallo-weekend! This week was super productive and hectic, and I loved how quickly the work days flew by…mostly because I’ve been looking forward to a low-key weekend of rest ever since my alarm went off on Monday morning!
I packed in a ton of extra Pure Barre classes for this month’s 20 in 31 challenge – 20 classes in 31 days, that is – which is a lot tougher than you think! Factoring in the weekend Dalton was here, and my visit out to Pittsburgh in two weeks and that only gives me three skip days for the entire month! Possibly not the most realistic, but I’ve been doing my best!
On top of that, I’ve been trying out my new Blue Apron recipes for the first time (more on that next week) and I’m really just trying to take advantage this weekend and next of the rare times that I don’t have a ton of plans, visitors, or travel booked. Anyone have a new book to read?! I’m dying to cozy up with one and bury my head in it all weekend (amidst Halloween movies and treats, of course!)
These were my essentials for this week!
1 | This Self-Love by Ashley Graham –  I loved this video of supermodel Ashley Graham talking about self-love in a world full of comparisons. So inspiring and such a good role model for kids!

2. | The Most Exciting Part about Thanksgiving This YearFor anyone who hasn’t already seen it (or wants to watch it seven more times like I did) they have released the first official trailer of the Gilmore Girls Revival! I am beyond excited and have already been contemplating how to get away with hiding from family and binge-watching all 6 hours the day after Thanksgiving…

3. | A Different Way to Wear Plaid This Fall – I’ve been staring at this gorgeous skirt from Madewell all week long, day dreaming about holiday season outfits. The shirttail detailing is adorable!

4. | The Ultimate Relationship #Goals – This video was too adorable, and so so sweet. Makes me want to book a ton of travel for 2017, finally pull the trigger and buy a GoPro, and make one of my own!

5. | The Perfect Cocktail for Your Halloween Festivities – I’m fully planning on cozying up with a pile of Halloween movies, some spooky treats and sipping on this drink tonight! Super simple to make!

Have a Wonderful & Safe Halloween Weekend Everyone!

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