Essentials of the Week!

This week (thankfully) flew by for the most part, and thank goodness because Dalton gets here today! I’m looking forward to a weekend of as many fall-related and basic activities as I can possibly convince him to participate in with me…Does anyone have any suggestions for the Chicago area?! We’re always looking for new ideas!
Other than that, this was a pretty quiet week, too. Nothing overly exciting happened, but I think with how things have been in the news and society lately I will take a quiet week over a dramatic one anytime. 
Start off your weekend on a positive note with my Essentials of the Week – enjoy!

1. Fantasy Gifts from Neiman Marcus – I had to share this one solely because of the Lilly Pulitzer Island Cars…super unpractical obviously, but so much fun! The list of Fantasy Gift Items from Neiman Marcus this year is seriously unreal.

2. Finally a Solution for Staring at Screens – I stare at a screen during my commutes, all day at work, when I get home and work on the blog, and watching TV before bed…(such a sad thing to admit). I’ve been paranoid about my vision getting damaged from screens for a while now, and then I found Felix Gray glasses! They are designed to reduce the strain on our eyes from screens. They don’t have prescriptions just yet, but you can wear them with contacts. Apparently they sold out super fast last time, and they’re already available for pre-order this December! It’s free returns + exchanges + shipping, so I decided to give it a try. Best part? They look awfully similar to my favorite eyewear brand, Warby Parker!

3. The Cutest Plaid Shirt for Fall – I have been lusting after this plaid shirt from J.Crew for ages, and it’s finally back on J.Crew Factory and at an amazing price! I constantly see it in Instagrams, and have been dying to scoop up one of my own. Needless to say, it was an instant purchase (but far from impulsive!)

4. One of (Very Few) Positive News Stories Right Now – This made my week Monday morning. I have totally checked out from news sources and social media as much as possible these days…the stress, hate and arguing has completely exhausted me. THIS story was such a nice break from that! Check out the sweet sentiments our Northern neighbors in Canada sent us to cheer up the news cycle earlier this week.

5. The 5-Hour Workday – Talk about a CEO’s strategy that I could stand behind…I loved this article about how a CEO gave his employees back more time in their lives, and in return they work harder and smarter. The concept behind his idea is brilliant, and made so much sense to me. Is Friday over yet?!

That’s all for this week, friends! Hope you enjoyed it – does anyone have any fun weekend plans? I’m off to count down the minutes until Dalton’s plane lands so we can do all of the #basic fall activities I’ve been putting off! #AllThePumpkinThings !

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