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Meet Wrigley!

This has been an incredibly exciting week for my family, because on Tuesday we welcomed home a sweet baby puppy named Wrigley into the family! He is a goldendoodle, just like his big brother Rufus. 
Okay, so technically Wrigley and Rufus belong to my parents…but they come stay with me from time to time, and I’m the world’s best babysitter, obviously! I’ve been using Rufus (and now Wrigley) as practice for when I get my own puppy…hopefully not too far in the future (that’s a hint, Dalton!)
I absolutely love Goldendoodle puppies (and all other kinds, of course). Wrigley has already been documented in hundreds of pictures and videos in his few short days at home so far, and it’s safe to say he is not camera shy…or afraid to try and eat the phone when we Facetime. I’ll be meeting him in-person very soon, but for now the videos and pictures are doing just fine. 
There are just too many adorable pictures not to share them and introduce Wrigley – I promise this won’t be the last you’ll be seeing of him and Rufus’ adventures on here! You could say they live a luxurious lifestyle…

I let Wrigley “take over” the rest of this blog post, so he could tell you all about his first few days with my family!
Hi everyone! My name is Wrigley! I am 8 weeks (and a couple days) old. So far, I love my new home, my new big brother Rufus, and chewing on toes/shoes/anything near my mouth. I love FaceTiming with Olivia, and usually try to lick and eat the phone when I see her. My favorite toy is my stuffed animal that looks just like me!

I’m also a big fan of snuggling, especially after an exciting playtime.

Today, my big brother Rufus shared his bone with me!

It turns out, I really like bones.
I can tell I’m going to like these humans.

Being this adorable is exhausting.

This is my bedtime companion – he has a heartbeat and smells just like my Mom so I don’t get lonely when it’s time for my new humans to go to bed!

Rufus already taught me how to car-ride, and I slept the whole way!

One day I will conquer this yard…and this very tall step.

My big brother Rufus is great – he shared his bone with me and his favorite stuffed Pig! Mom is pretty great too.

I think we are going to be the best of friends.

Don’t worry – there is plenty more Wrigley coming your way soon!

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