Is Greek Life Right For You?

I’ve had a lot of requests (as I do every year around this time) to do a post on Greek Life. This could go a lot of different directions, but I think the questions I receive the most are things that girls either don’t understand, or don’t have someone to ask! Personally, I didn’t have any sisters or even older female family members that I could ask about Greek Life – I went into college and the process totally solo.


I will say, I was dazzled by the idea of sororities ever since I knew what they were. I loved watching the show Greek (does anyone else miss Casey & Cappie as much as I do?!), and my dad was constantly telling me hilarious and fond memories of his times in a Fraternity at Miami…in fact, to this day he still stays in close contact with many of his fraternity brothers, and to me that was an incredibly cool thing to be a part of for a lifetime.


Don’t get me wrong – I was never the super “girly girl”: I do not love pink, I’ve always loved being a bit of a tomboy and hanging out with the guys (probably because I only ever had brothers), and the thought of a massive pack of girls was both terrifying and a little bit nauseating to me. So I completely understand when girls say they just aren’t sure sorority life is right for them…but I will say that it is so much more than any of those things.

With all of that being said, there really is only one piece of advice I can give about whether or not you should join a sorority. If you are considering, confused, hesitant, or even slightly tempted to go through recruitment…do it. You might hate it, realize you were right, and decide not to join and that is perfectly okay. Or, it might be the greatest decision you’ve ever made.


I can’t even begin to count the number of girls that joined my sorority over the years who admitted they didn’t really want to go through recruitment, they weren’t sure for the first few rounds, considered dropping, and then…it clicked. They realized why they wanted to join, and they never looked back.


There is literally no harm whatsoever in giving it a try, and you only have something to gain. Don’t cheat yourself out of a chance to completely transform your college experience based on stereotypes, an opinion you’ve formed without ever experiencing it yourself, or some bad stories you’ve heard online or from a friend of a friend. Everyone’s Greek Life experience is different and unique, so give yours a chance to exist before you decide it’s not for you!


As always, I’m happy to answer any questions or doubts you might have about sororities or Greek life (or anything else, for that matter!) Just comment below, or email me ( And don’t worry – a post answering all of your Greek Life Q&A’s is coming up later this week, so don’t miss it!


PS – Excuse the Highlight Reel, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to share some of my favorite photos from my times in a sorority with my amazing Phi Mu sisters at Miami!

Visiting my sorority family last fall and reliving my glory days!

My housemate Madison and I during Senior Appreciation Week!


Some of my best friends, from bid day to graduation!


Celebrating a new pledge class


Big/Little Reveal with my Adorable Family


Bid Day as Washed Up Seniors!


Date Parties – I actually met Dalton at a date party…we were set up by my Little!


First time doing Recruitment as an active with my sophomore year roomie!

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