Essential School + Study Supplies for College!

I always loved the beginning of each school year (yes, I was that girl) and getting an entirely new, clean and freshly organized set of school supplies, folders, notebooks and planners. Everything had a place, which for us Type-A people is key.
I do remember feeling very thrown off when it came to getting supplies for college. I wasn’t sure what would still be useful, and which things would just be unnecessary and in the way. In high school, I had a binder for every class along with a notebook and a folder when necessary…but combining that with heavy college-thick textbooks is a lot for your back to handle when it comes to lugging things around all over a big campus!

You no longer have a locker to stop off to in between every class, and depending on your schedule you could be rushing from different buildings or carrying things around for many hours in a day! Here are some of my favorite school supplies for college, including notebooks, planners, pens, organizers and folders!
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Everyone definitely has their own organization style, but what worked best for me was a notebook for every class +  a folder if the class had a decent amount of handouts – but that wasn’t too common, especially in larger classes for underclassmen. 

PS – I was actually very picky about the specific type of notebook I had (mostly because I hated running out of space, so my go-to notebooks were always these ones from Target or Office Max – which came in this size and this size too…one color per class and it was easy to stay organized!

Be on the lookout next week for what I consider the absolute essentials for carrying around with you in your bag to class, the library, or walking around campus, as well as a post on desk decor for your dorm or college bedroom! (I will link it back here when it’s posted!)

What are your favorite school supplies for college? Does anyone else love getting a fresh start at the beginning of the school year as much as I do?!

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