July Bucket List!

HOW is it July already?! Time moves faster every single day I swear. At least that means I’m busy and having fun! July is my busiest month, year after year. Travel plans, friends visiting, festivals and street fairs, barbecues and trips to the beach…it makes me want to take a nap just thinking about it! June was a whirlwind, but I managed to still accomplish everything on last month’s bucket list!

Now that it is the peak of summer, I’m ready for more time outside and even more socializing!

I am still really loving these monthly bucket lists because they push me to think creatively and try new things around the city – plus I’m too competitive, even with myself, to not check everything off the list! I’m planning on compiling all of my favorite finds and activities into one big bucket list for people living in or visiting Chicago at the end of each season. 
Does anyone have any great ideas that should be added to this month’s list?? 

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