June Bucket List!

Summer in Chicago is what makes the winters worth it..weekends have already been a whole new world of social events, outings, brunches and activities just for any excuse to spend time outside. (I’m starting to remember why my body was so exhausted by the end of Fall…too many social events all summer long and not enough sleep!)

The good news with the beautiful weather is that I was finally able to complete every single item on last months Bucket List! It was incredibly satisfying (and so much fun!) I even crossed off a few extra “firsts” in my beautiful city, including my first ever Cubs game! Something my friends have told me is inexcusable considering this will be my third Chicago summer…THAT is crazy…
I’m all moved in to my new apartment (don’t worry – pictures soon!) and have officially begun my first month of Pure Barre classes, so I will definitely let you know how that goes as well! My new routine is great, but I’m ready for some new adventures in the city with this month’s list. Is there anything else I’m totally missing?? I have been here for three summers but I just know I am not exploring my city to the fullest, so some of you other locals need to help me out with ideas!
I’m hoping some of these will turn into some pretty great posts for all of you, too! I’m especially excited about learning my way around a grill with all of our new patio furniture!
What’s on your summer bucket list?

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