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It has been a birthday frenzy these last couple of weeks (including my own!) I feel like I’ve given more gifts than Christmas this March! I had a hard enough time coming up with things I wanted for myself – nonetheless coming up with good gift ideas for friends! It seems like the only time it’s easy to come up with gift ideas is during the holiday season when gift guides are everywhere – but I certainly wish I’d had some to look through that work well year-round!
Whether it’s coworkers, lifelong pals, or college besties you’ve stayed in touch with – coming up with a great idea (and staying in budget) is seriously hard to do. I’ve pulled together some of my top picks for presents that won’t break the bank:
For the Early Riser – I just received one of these mugs as a birthday gift and I love it! It’s personal, cute & thoughtful whether you’re working late hours or pulling all-nighters at the library, and the best part is it’s super affordable!
For the Instagram Queen – If you have that one friend who’s thumbs have probably scrolled the distance around the world on social media and who can’t seem to put her phone down – this one is perfect. I’ve tried out a lot of portable chargers and this is by far the best one. It holds three full charges, comes in a few stylish colors (naturally I chose gold) and it’s also really cheap! Plus, it charges your phone super fast so she can be back & connected in no time!
For Your Bestie: a Blowout – Even if you don’t have a drybar in your city, almost every city has popped up some version of a blowout bar by now – they have swept the nation! I received a certificate for a blowout at DryBar and I’ve been waiting for the perfect occasion to use it. This is a great gift for the Blair to your Serena so she can be looking fabulous in all those birthday pictures!
All In Good Taste – My parents got me this for my recent birthday as well, and I absolutely love it. I already have a small collection of coffee table books started from my Mom’s collection, and I was thrilled to add one of my own to the mix (of course – it didn’t leave my hands until I had read it practically cover to cover first!) So many things perfect for a girl who loves to throw a good party, decorate, or cook. Recipes, cocktails, table settings and party themes…what’s not to love?
For the Friend in Need of Pampering – A great simple gift & always thoughtful and appreciated is two new nail polish bottles and a certificate to a mani/pedi. It’s one of those things we often don’t buy for ourselves – but love to enjoy the pampering when it’s on someone else’s dime! This is a great low-effort or last-minute gift.
For the Friend with Everything – Some people are just impossible to shop for – whether they seem like they have everything you can think of, or those that just don’t really like to have a lot of stuff – little organizational/trinket dishes are a good way to go. You can always find a use for them, like setting your keys in by the door or holding those little tiny essentials that are always getting lost like bobby pins and hair ties.
For the Wine Lover – Not as if we don’t all love a nice glass of wine after a long day…but some of us (myself included) love nothing more than a movie night in with friends accompanied by some wine & cheese. One of the first things I realized I was missing when I moved to Chicago was a serving tray & utensils for my monthly weekly wine nights with friends. 

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