Breckenridge Ski Trip & Birthday Recap!

This past weekend, I headed out to Breckenridge, Colorado to visit my brother and get some skiing in for the first time in eight years! It has been a long time since the annual ski trips to Colorado & Utah that we used to take when I was growing up, and I felt like I was more than overdue, so with my brother moving out to Breckenridge in the fall and my birthday last week, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to get in some time on the slopes! (Luckily, I hadn’t lost my skills as I had feared – I didn’t even fall once!)
I had only been to Breckenridge in the summer, so I was so excited to see the adorable little mountain town in snowy winter – let me tell you, I was not disappointed! The whole town seems like something out of a Christmas fairytale, and anywhere that looks like Christmas all winter long is okay in my book!
Most of my time was spent on the slopes, but at night we got to wander down Main Street and look at all of the shops, twinkling lights, soak in the delicious-smelling food stands and pet the dozens of fluffy mountain dogs on their evening strolls with their owners (I swear, people probably think I am trying to kidnap their dogs I get so excited – I sense a dog of my own in my near-ish future!)

 Nothing like a make-your-own waffle bar to start off a morning on the slopes!

There were so many adorable shops & stores – it was like preppy clothes heaven! Luckily for me (and my wallet) I typically didn’t make it onto Main Street until the stores were closed…this trip did enough damage to my bank account without adding a shopping spree to the mix! 
This Patagonia store was absolutely adorable…I may or may not have stared into the windows for 20 minutes while we waited for our crepes at the cart next door! 

The crepe cart line was about 45 minutes long – mostly because they make them in a tiny little shack and they take a little while to make, because they have every. single. topping. ever. No seriously – they have everything from sweet to savory – pizza crepes, s’mores crepes, Nutella & chocolate & nuts…talk about a sugar coma! The smell itself was enough to make you starving, and the end result certainly didn’t disappoint. We got s’mores & chocolate…a little boring, but I get overwhelmed by choices easily! Definitely a must-hit spot if you go to Breckenridge!
One satisfied customer!

How cute is this little Starbucks?

The perk of having a brother who is a local is that he knew all the inside tricks and spots – he took me to this little hobbit hole buried in the side of the mountain in a huge patch of trees. It definitely wasn’t easy to get to, but it was very cool! There were even benches made from old snowboards inside. 
On the last day, we skied up to the tallest peak and it was so windy and cold. Most of the weekend was fairly sunny and in the low 40s, so I wore Lululemon leggings for the majority of the time (tip: this is not recommended, but I got lucky and didn’t fall or I would have had one freezing booty!) The views were totally worth it though.

I might be a tad bitter that his hair is longer than mine, considering I’ve been trying to grow mine out for years, but getting to see my brother is a rare occurrence for me since I started college & it was so amazing to have a whole weekend of hanging with him! Definitely already mentally planning my trip out there for next year…

As if a birthday ski trip wasn’t enough, I was so incredibly lucky to once again spend a fabulous birthday filled with love, family & friends – but most importantly chocolate cake!

Has anyone else gone out to Breckenridge or planning to? Would love to hear other places you loved, or if you want dinner, drinks and activity recommendations I’d love to share!

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