Bikini-Ready Beach Finds: The Best Swimwear for 2016

One of my favorite ways to start inspiring myself to hit the gym once the weather warms up like this is the realization that bikini season is just around the corner! Normally, spring break is my reminder of this – but sadly there’s no spring break in the real world. Luckily for me, I have had all my friends still in school texting me begging for a post about the cutest & most affordable swimwear this season as they all pack off to go on their various getaways…cue jealousy.
It’s not all nostalgia and missing out for me though; after all, I do live in Chicago, and while we might be famous for brutal winters – we are also famous for incredible summers with endless activities and places to be. Last summer it seems like I lived in a bikini, whether it was on rooftops by the pool or cruising around the lake enjoying the skyline views.
Some of these finds I can’t wait to add to my collection – they’re all so different and adorable! I tried to make sure that there is a little something for everyone: a mix of styles, shapes, colors, & budgets to help you find the best swimwear for you this season!
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There are so many cute options I seriously don’t know where to start…I think I might be leaning towards trying out a trendy one-piece, and I love the way this one has a fun pattern to make it still seem young and flattering! I’m also loving this one...too many to choose! 
The Triangl bikinis seemed to come out of nowhere last year as insanely popular – suddenly everyone had to have one, and that whole 6-week shipping time from Australia did not bode well with short spring break timelines approaching. I ended up not buying one because of the timing, and I’m a little glad I did, because I later heard that the bottoms run small, so I definitely recommend trying on a friends if they have one before buying! Their customer service chat is also incredibly helpful on sizing. (A tad frustrating you can only buy them as a set, and not individual pieces…)

The good news is, plenty of other companies have stepped up and created eerily similar designs to the Triangl line in an effort to keep up with the epidemic. You can find them all over the place, like here and here and here!
What are your top picks for bikinis and swimwear this season? Is anyone else as ready to jump into the water and warm weather as I am?!

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    Gold Clutter
    January 25, 2017 at 6:17 am

    I wish the tie dye-esque swimsuit was still available. I love it.

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