April Bucket List

Now that I’ve finally been making these lists for a few months, I can officially say that it is one of my favorite things to look forward to all month. Especially with the weather warming up, I’m loving it because I find myself turning to my list whenever I’m bored or looking for an idea of how to spend my weekend (plus I’ve gotten myself to do a lot more fun things!)
Last month was exhausting (and expensive) but so much fun. I got to head out to Breckenridge, CO to visit my brother and get some skiing in! I’m already mentally planning my trip out there for next winter, it was such a blast and went by way too quickly. My 250 book challenge for 2016 is still going strong, and my biggest problem is finding new books to read – please please send me your recommendations, I’m getting desperate!!

I stuck to my plan of spring cleaning all of my electronics, and then realized that I actually do a pretty good job of keeping everything in order (it only took me about an hour vs. the usual 2.5-4 hours it has taken me in years past). 
The weather is (starting to, fingers crossed) warm up here in Chicago, so this month’s list was mostly inspired by optimistic warmer activities like bike riding, walking along the lakeshore, heading to the gym more often (yes – I admit, the cold weather got the best of me and I slipped on this in January/February), and of course continuing more books! No seriously…please send me book suggestions!

By far the most challenging this month will be the 4 days a week minimum at the gym, although I have gone the last 7 days straight and am really re-inspired by it! The only time this might be difficult is the week I am road-tripping it back to Oxford to visit friends and soak up the sunshine. I’m still brainstorming ways to surprise a friend/who it will be…
If anyone in Chicago has some favorite bike riding spots, please send them my way! I’m going to try out the Divvy bikes and I seriously can’t wait!

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