Everything you Need for Natural Contouring: Complete & Easy Tutorial + Products!

While visiting my two closest lifelong friends in Indianapolis on my way down to Louisville to spend the Thanksgiving holidays with their family (aka my adoptive family), we did a little lot of shopping and swung by Bare Minerals so I could re-stock on some of my makeup. Almost all of the makeup I use is Bare Minerals, probably more than anything because my friend that showed me how to do my makeup last year used them and that is what is sold uptown in Oxford, but I’ve remained a loyal customer because I love their products!
We noticed they were doing free makeup tutorials, and signed up right away to try and finally learn what all this crazy contouring nonsense is about. I was a little hesitant (I’ve expressed my hesitancy towards any sort of non-natural looking makeup before…) But I figured it couldn’t hurt to try just for fun! I was relived to find out that you don’t have to do the crazy contouring like what you see on makeup tutorial videos or on Pinterest where they have what looks like 5 shades of heavy creamy makeups smeared in war-paint patterns all over their faces to somehow blend together into a Kim Kardashian makeup regime!
The woman at Bare Minerals was super helpful, and showed us how to do a very natural and simple contouring that isn’t heavy or obvious, but just subtly highlights the shapes of your cheekbones and angles of your face to be the most flattering they could be. I’ve attempted to re-create her instructions here, because I feel like there is a serious lack of tutorials on how to do this natural style of contouring that people like me would be much more comfortable with.

Step One: Use your primer as you normally would. If you don’t use primer, it’s great to give your skin a smooth, soft and polished look. One small squirt spread evenly across your face – particularly on your forehead, cheeks and down the bridge of your nose – is all you need!
Step Two: Again, use concealer as you normally would. Cover any blemishes, redness, or under-eye circles you may want to hide and blend it well. 
Step Three: This one is not necessarily mandatory, but I think it makes an amazing differences. Use the Well-Rested Eye Brightener (or another similar eye brightener) to cover-up particularly harsh under-eye circles if you have sleep issues like me. Apply the brightener in a triangle shape pointing downwards below your eyes like this: 
*Hint: It should look like you have light-colored triangles on your face until after you apply the foundation, where you will blend them right in. So don’t worry! It is supposed to be visible during this step!
Step Four: Using the Beautiful Finish Brush (or a similar synthetic, soft and large makeup brush), apply your foundation. For best results, start on the outer sides of each cheek, and move the brush in a circular motion to blend right over the top of the eye-brightener. Keep moving in these circular motions on each cheek with the foundation until the brightener and foundation blend together to give your cheekbones and under-eye area a lighter and brighter blended finish. Then apply your foundation to the rest of your face as normal. 
Step Five: Using an angled brush for best results, take your bronzer and contour the sharp lines of your face (see image below!) This should be subtle and blended, and is really just to very gently darken the sharp angles of your face to help brighten the rest and – yep, you guessed it – contour your face! Do this just below your cheekbones, just below/along the sides of your chin, and very lightly and thinly along the lines of your outer nose.

Step Six: Use a blush/luminizer duo to contrast against these bronzer lines every more by applying just above where you applied the bronzer. This dark & light contrast will really make the contouring pop, lightening the places of your face that should be lightened and darkening the parts that should be darkened. If you find that the lines are too directly visible, when you are finished, take a big and fluffy  brush and very lightly blend around your face until everything looks smooth and blended. 
Personally – I’m still working on this and have only tried it a handful of times – I still can’t get used to wearing that much makeup – but it really does look amazing when you do it! If contouring is something you’ve been wanting to try but you get intimidated by all of the paint-filled tutorials and videos, this is a simple and natural look that won’t require you to buy a bunch of products you don’t already have. 
I would love to hear from you if you try this out, or if you have any questions about the instructions!

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