Build the Perfect At-Home Spa for a Lazy Sunday!

After a whirlwind of back-to-back trips and almost zero sleep for the last 12 days, there has been one thing and one thing only on my mind…glorious sleep.
I am envisioning a lot of lazy weekends filled with the 4 R’s: relaxing, reading, resting and (w)riting, (at least until my birthday in a few weeks…but I’m pretending that isn’t really happening.) When I hit my peak of absolute exhaustion traveling home from New Orleans, I really started to daydream about how great it would be to take some time off. 
It got me thinking about my favorite ways to unwind…what books I was looking forward to reading, lighting a bunch of candles around the apartment, and treating myself to some at-home spa treatments. I think I owe my body some repair work after the exhaustion I just put it through! 
I’ve gathered up all of my favorite spa day essentials, whether you want to treat yourself to a lazy Sunday, or get your Galentine’s together for a girls spa weekend without emptying your entire wallet. 
Relax & Refresh with Morning Mint:
I absolutely had to include this set for a couple of reasons. When my mom owned her furniture store, this was one of the first things she got at market to start selling up front, and I remember smelling these every single time I went to visit her from when I was six years old until she closed the store my sophomore year of college. I recently bought some and they’re such a sweet reminder of those visits to her store. They smell amazing – and they work so incredibly well! They are one of the extremely rare few of spa products that don’t irritate my hyper-sensitive skin. It’s honestly incredibly hard to just choose one – but I think the sugar scrub really is a miracle product.

Sugar Scrub | Bubble Bath | Body Lotion | Hand Creme

Light a Candle & Breathe:
A lot of people love lavender for relaxation, and I do too – but often the scents are way too strong and overpowering. I really want to try out the Dyptique one, and I’ve always loved the one from Bath and Body Works! I typically prefer citrus, mint or vanilla scents because there is something about them that just makes me feel so clean. The air feels fresher with smells like those. (The Lemongrass candle is the one I could never put down at my Mom’s store – I literally used to walk around smelling it…) And the Endless Love candle I found completely by accident this summer – and immediately ended up burning through two full 3-wick candles of it. Oops!
Be Polished:
It’s no secret that my Essie collection is never-ending, but these are some of my favorite girly and sweet colors perfect for events like a spa day or for a Valentine’s Day date! I’m pretty sure that Fiji is the most popular Essie color of all time, although I think my favorite is still Bikini So Teeny. 
Turn the Page:
There’s a whole post coming up dedicated to my favorite reads lately, but in the interest of relaxing and letting your mind wander, here are some of my absolute favorites. (PS, don’t forget to follow me on Goodreads to get book suggestions, reviews, and see what I’m reading!) This is all a mix of light & funny, dark & twisty, mysterious, something you can’t put down, and ones that are totally relatable. If you liked Gone Girl or Girl on the Train – Remember Mia is what’s next for you. If you need a good laugh or a girl in her 20s who just completely gets you – start with the Dating Detox (which I have now read four times). Brain on Fire is such an intense and frustrating mystery, I devoured it in a single day. Could not put it down. 
PS don’t worry…all of the links below will take you straight to the full and real summaries of each book!

Now all you need to do is pour yourself a glass of wine (or two), grab a few magazines and your comfiest sleepwear (like some of my favorites here) and treat yourself to a fully luxurious spa weekend right from your home!

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