Morning Commute Playlist

I’m the type of person that needs constant noise. Silence is maddeningly loud to me – I can’t concentrate on a single thing unless there is some sort of background noise, music or chatter. (Definitely caused some problems for me when it came to taking exams in school).

One of my favorite parts of my day has become my morning commute – some people act surprised that it takes me about 35-40 minutes to get from door to door on my way to work – pretty standard in the city – but I don’t mind and I’ve definitely grown to love it. My morning commute is my personal time to wake myself up, collect my thoughts, assess my day, and scroll scroll scroll along all of my social media. (Because, you know, obviously a lot has changed since I checked at midnight before bed…right?)

An absolute necessity for my morning commute is my playlist. I need songs that are calm enough to not be irritating first thing in the morning, mixed in with a couple of fun songs to get me pumped up to take on the world and tackle another morning of attempts to keep my eyes open at my desk!

I’ve uploaded my morning commute playlist for anyone else like me who likes to let music set the tone for the day…enjoy!

What songs do you love to start your day with? I’m always looking for new suggestions!

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