3 Golden Globe Beauty Trends + Tips From Celebrity Makeup Artist Jenny Patinkin

Monday morning was an interesting start for me, because I was on the news! I am incredibly lucky, because I have an unbelievably successful and talented friend who works in PR in New York. (Her life is seriously #goals!) Her client, celebrity makeup artist Jenny Patinkin, was being featured on a live morning segment this Monday morning to showcase three Golden Globe beauty trends and how you can do them yourself at home, with her philosophy called “lazy perfection”. 
(Now that is a makeup strategy I can get behind!)

Jenny was so amazing and talented, and it was so exciting to get to meet her and see her in action! The three looks she chose to feature were a bold lip, dark eyes and brows, and a gold + bronze look. (Her inspiration came from Laverne Cox with her dark bold lip, Jaimie Alexander with a “modern Elizabeth Taylor” look, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley golden glow. 

    Bold Lip    |    Dark Eyes & Brows    |   Gold + Bronze
Being behind the scenes and hearing all of the tips from Jenny was so much fun – and a total makeup novice like me can use all of the help I can get! Jenny says that the key to her philosophy is “taking the path of least resistance…smudging and good brushes…and to make sure that your application is forgiving, and doesn’t require a lot of precision.” She believes that if you have the right brushes, you can make anything happen! (Be sure to check out her new brush line, the gem collection, here – she was super sweet and gave me a free sample of one of them…I can’t wait to use it!)

 Here is a recap of her tips to get each look at home and help you achieve “lazy perfection”:
Bold Lip: She kept the rest of her face clean and neutralized the other colors in her face, letting the bold lip speak for itself. Jenny eliminated any pink-ness in her face and then used a nude lip pencil to start. This is much easier to apply, and should match closely to your natural lip color, really only acting as a way of giving your lips definition. Jenny chose to avoid the trendy “matte” lip colors we’ve been seeing lately and instead used “Blood Roses” by Kevyn Aucoin – this color is a little bit glossier and keeps your lips from cracking the way they would with a matte lip color.
Dark Brows & Eyes (featuring me!): Jenny referred to this look as a “modern Elizabeth Taylor” with a classic smokey eye. This look includes dark eyelashes, a dark rim around the eye, and softly defined brows. She says that the “lazy perfection” secret to this look is to use a lot of smudging, and not to get too caught up in precision or clean lines. She used “The Smokey Eye Baton” from Surrat Beauty – it is dual-ended with both a soft eye pencil & a pre-filled eyeshadow smudger that can be used along your lash line and along your eyelid. Her final tip for this look is to be cautious not to overdo your brows, because it causes too much contrast against the eyes.
ps: I had such a hard time keeping still during this segment – I was fully convinced that I had the worst resting bitch face, and I think I blinked about a thousand times…I’m not used to all of that eye makeup! It was such a cool experience, though!
Gold + Bronze: Jenny believes this will be a very trendy look for this upcoming spring, especially because anyone can wear it – this is not a look designed to make you look tan the way you might think, but to just make your complexion and face look warm and youthful. For this look, Jenny used a “cool gold” on the eye – avoid using a gold that is too yellow – along with lots of mascara and a simple liner. For the cheeks, Jenny used a bronzer that has a little bit of highlighter mixed into it to give you that glowy look – this bronzer is “Ambient Glow” by Hourglass. The number one thing Jenny stresses is that for bronzer, it is very important to use a very soft fluffy brush – hard brushes grab onto the bronzer and over-apply it, making it too hard to blend and smudge. 
If you want to catch the full 8-minute segment, watch the video here and see where Jenny explains each look (and you can see me and my good friend Paige (aka Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) being completely out of our comfort zone and having a lot of fun doing it!
I also got to take a lot of fun behind-the-scenes pictures while we got ready for our close-up!
Check them out!
And that concludes the recap of my first (and probably last ever) 8 minutes of fame on the air!

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