Preppy + Chic 2016 Calendars & Planners

Confession time: I have a little bit of an obsession with desk accessories. I was 100% that kid growing up that got beyond excited to get all of my new school supplies and spend the whole night laying them all out in perfect order, organizing them to death. (I was pretty cool, I know). I still feel the same way about office supplies and decorating my desk space – especially now that I spend so much time there at work!

I’ve put together some of my favorite calendars and planners for 2016 (of course keeping in line with my never-ending obsession with gold). I plan on making a few other small changes to my desk space – both at work and at home, so be on the lookout for the finalized photos once that is all finished!

Brush Script Calendar MyAgenda Gold Planner | Foil Blotter Calendar Watercolor Foil Calendar Gold Leatherette Planner | Gold Dot Planner | Gold Foil Desk Calendar | Linen Stripe Planner

Coming back from holiday break at work I wanted to make a few small changes to re-vamp my desk space and give myself a fresh start to the year – and I realized I was missing a very crucial thing: a calendar! Up until this year, I’ve always had a planner that I write in and carry with me (I still do, but I only use it for blogging and not my daily life). I’ve been wanting to get one, but have found it insanely easier to keep everything on my phone, with meetings & plans constantly changing and my handy little gmail app & calendar syncing together a lot of plans directly from my email.

All of that aside, there is still something to be said about physically writing down dates and important events on a calendar and being able to visually see them – especially to count down for some of the exciting trips I have coming up! (More on those later…)

How do you like to stay organized and on top of all of your events, meetings & commitments? Have you fully made the switch to digital, or are you stuck in limbo like me? Would love to hear some of the ways you balance the two!

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