The Perfectly Packed Carry-On: Essentials for Easy Traveling

Hopefully everyone is fortunate enough to be traveling home (or is already there) for the holidays to be with their family and closest loved ones, but wherever your travels during this season (or any other) take you, one thing is for absolute certain: packing can be a total nightmare…but it doesn’t have to be!
I know a lot of people may already feel like they have it down, while others get anxious and stressed about the idea of packing every single time a trip approaches. I like to think that from a lifetime of packing for my parents’ houses, I’ve mastered the art of organization and efficiency when it comes to packing your bags and leaving nothing behind.
That’s why I wanted to share my best tips and tricks for staying organized and on top of it while you pack & travel, so that your mind can remain stress-free and more occupied with thoughts of relaxing and enjoying yourself wherever you may be going.

I know this might look like a lot of clutter at first…how could it possibly be organized?! But I promise you there is a super simple system (say that three times fast…) for keeping it all together and easy to find!

The trick is to have a couple of small separator bags that keep everything handy and in it’s proper “section”. This way you can breeze through security and never miss a beat digging for your ID, headphones, or charger.

I’ve compiled a couple of my favorite (and super adorable) organizer bags, too! Cosmetic bags work great, but any sort of small zippered bag will do!

1. Patent Cosmetic Case | 2. Tory Burch York Small Case // | Metallic Mini Makeup Bag | Kate Spade Classic Ezra | 5. Ikat Case | 6. Tahiti Case | 7. Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Pretty Nylon’ Case | 8. Lilly Pulitzer ‘Pack Your Trunk’ Case

You can organize your sections however you want, but I typically have one for makeup/beauty products, one for technology, one for “extras” (hand sanitizer, tissues, chapstick…) and my wallet handy and organized for quick and easy access!

I’ll be taking my own advice tonight while I pack for Naples to see my family for Christmas…anyone else heading off anywhere fun or exciting? (Even if that just means back to home sweet home?!)

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