Cozying Up to Christmas

It seems that the one time no one really complains much about the winter chill is during the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. There’s just something so festive about the holiday decorations, light snowfalls, and cozying up in blankets and warm clothes by fireplaces (or, if you’re like me and aren’t fortunate enough to have a fireplace, a pretend one on your laptop screen…)

I know I have definitely noticed an increase in the amount of time at work spent daydreaming about heading home at the end of the day, curling up in my warmest and softest PJs, slippers and socks, and wrapping myself in blankets with a movie and a warm drink.

I’ve been on the lookout for some new winter lounge + sleepwear to get me through my very first soon-to-be-brutal *fingers crossed that it’s bearable* Chicago winter.

Nothing beats a little plaid during the holidays. There’s just something so festive about a good pajama set and some slippers by the tree!
You can’t go wrong with classic whites, and these are classics! I am so obsessed with the small navy bows on these J.Crew shorts, and the clean blue lines on the pajama set are perfectly preppy and elegant – definitely at the top of my list to add a slightly more grown-up pajama set to my wardrobe.

(PS – the shorts also come in a pant!)

I think I have tried on more than ten different robes on various shopping trips in recent months, always debating between what is worth a slightly high price for an incredibly cozy product vs. trying to remain below budget considering this is strictly a “lounge” item and something that is categorized more closely to luxury items for me. Despite that, however, I think if I try on the Gap Sherpa Robe one more time the store might give it to me out of pity! *fingers crossed*

Needless to say I will be well bundled up for whatever winter weather Chicago brings my way, and I am thoroughly looking forward to a few more weeks of cozy nights by the Christmas tree!

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