7 Best Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin – Tried & Tested!

The first snow has arrived, the winter chill is officially breezing its way around Chicago, and I am officially (unhappily) saying hello again to my dry winter skin. Anyone else?! I’ve never had such problems with dry skin as I am this year – I guess I have the Chicago wind to thank for that!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m extremely cautious about what I put on or even near my skin. I am strangely (and uniquely to anyone else in my family…) allergic to a lot things when it comes to beauty products: deodorants, lotions, sunscreens, lip balms, anything for a bath (bath bombs, salts, soaps etc.), makeup removers. You name it, I’ve had an allergic reaction to some variety of it.

I don’t even like standing to close to the entrance of a Lush store because the scent alone makes me cringe in anticipation of allergic reactions (And no, I’m not knocking Lush at all! I wish I could shop there…so many of my friends and coworkers swear by their products!) It has been a lifelong struggle of trial and error to find products that work for me without causing some sort of irritation and uncomfortable reaction.

After years and years of curating the perfect list of beauty products and regimen, I have finally covered all of the bases and found products that work for me, so I thought I would share them for anyone else who has dry or extra-sensitive skin like me – and most importantly, I’ve always been cautious to avoid having to shell out a ton of money for some expensive exotic product just because my skin is a total diva when it comes to accepting a product!

I won’t swear that these are all the perfect item for you if you have sensitive skin, but I have never met anyone with more sensitive skin than me and (fortunately) I haven’t had any problems from any of these products, so I definitely recommend at least giving them a try if you are having troubles!
I love the new Venus Embrace Sensitive Skin Razors – they’ve actually made a huge difference when it comes to razor burn and bumps for me. I’ve also always sworn by the Aveeno sunscreens because they are oil-free and extra gentle, so I never have to worry about them disturbing my face or flaring up a reaction on my arms and legs (plus it was recommend by Allure Magazine and the Skin Cancer Foundation – can’t beat that!)
I love the lavender scented body wash and lotions from Aveeno as well (what can I say, they do a great job for us sensitive people!). I’d love to hear if anyone else has some great products that work for them, or if any of these have worked for other people cursed to avoid all things perfumed or chemical-filled. 
Hope this helps in time for the dry winter air!

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