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Gold (Affordable) Apartment Accents!

The perfectionist in me is still holding back on doing a full apartment reveal of my “new” place – it just never feels done! We have so much space it’s hard to ever feel like it’s finished, but I also know better than to try and fill such a large apartment because I know I’ll never have one this size again. This means I’ve had to get really creative with how to make large empty spaces feel cozy and comfortable.

Anyone who sets foot in my apartment can tell pretty quickly how obsessed I am with gold and gold accents (which is ironic because up until junior year in high school I distinctly remember thinking gold was the tackiest thing ever).

Luckily for me, gold is obviously trending right now, so finding cute little pieces to stash all over my apartment has been super easy and fairly affordable. Spoiler alert: my bedroom theme is white with pops of light blue and – yep you guessed it – gold. My living room is also a mix of neutrals with hints of gold scattered around the room.

Unfortunately some of these items are sold out – but a large majority of them I got from Target’s Threshold collection, and they are constantly adding new gorgeous gold decorative items so I highly recommend looking there! Who says expensive-looking items can’t be affordable and adorable?!
I pinky promise the apartment reveal will be coming soon…maybe after some holiday shopping to finalize the last few touches!

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