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Drink Your Fruits & Veggies – Infused Water Recipes & Benefits

I’ve recently developed an absolute obsession with infused waters (yes, I know, not a new craze by any means, but I’ve finally managed to incorporate it into my daily routine!) It really is so incredibly easy, and it’s something to look forward to every morning and throughout the day. I already buy tons of fruits and vegetables every week, so lately I have just been reaching for an extra 2 of everything to have on hand for my infused waters. 
Whenever I’m preparing my lunches for the next day, I chop up one or two of the fruits and throw them in a water bottle next to my lunch bag (Lululemon bag – our entire fridge at work is filled with them on a daily basis #basic). It’s so incredibly refreshing, and while I’ve always been pretty good about staying hydrated, I find myself drinking 8-9 bottles a day at work now. 
(Of course, after each refill the flavor gets more and more dull, but it still beats plain old water!)

Some of my friends have asked me to give them ideas from my favorite infused waters, but now that I’ve gotten in the swing of things I’ve tried to start paying more attention to the health benefits of each type!
*Full Disclaimer: no matter how much research I’ve done on each type, everyone seems to have slightly varied versions of the health benefits, but for the most part they are more or less consistent*
Here are some of my favorite infused waters and what they are best used for! 

Cucumber + Lemon is definitely my daily go-to, and some of these I haven’t tried for their actual ‘curative benefits (although I can personally attest that Cucumber + Mint seriously did cure an awful stomachache I had for an entire day!)

If anyone has any other favorites that didn’t make this list, please share them! I’m always looking for new ways to shake things up!

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