Cheers to Fears

I’m constantly reading those little quotes on Pinterest about chasing your dreams, not being afraid to fall, and the fact that if you’re scared that means you’re headed in the right direction. Putting one foot in front of the other, every terrifying step of the way.
I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about next year, moving to a new city, leaving all of my best friends behind and starting something completely new. And it is terrifying. Sure, it’s exciting, too. But I am pretty sure I am scared of what my life will be like a year from now at least once per day, and I sometimes catch myself feeling like I am the only one. 
It occurred to me this week, though, that it’s okay to be scared. Not only is it okay – but I think it means that I am headed in the right direction. I think doing the thing that scares you the most takes a tremendous amount of courage, and is the only thing that will actually get you what you want more than anything. 
I think if you spend almost every single step of the way questioning yourself, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re wrong. I might not get every single thing I want, but I think I will get everything I work for, and everything I am supposed to get. Accepting that is the real challenge. 
So, cheers to putting one foot in front of the other, stepping over the ledge, and enjoying the fall.
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