Make A List, Check It Twice

There are a lot of different ways I stay organized, and everyone has their own personal strategy. I really think organizational skills have to be customized and personalized, but one thing I think is definitely a universal behavior of all type-a personalities is making lists.
I make a list for absolutely everything, from small lists such as movies on Netflix I want to watch, to big lists like errands I have to run or projects I have to do for my sorority’s PR Committee. At any given moment, I probably have 8-10 sticky note lists on one of my computer desktops that I can always reference back to, not to mention a massive collection on the Notes app on my phone, and random ones spread out across my desk. (I think a big part of this habit results from my forgetfulness…)
A lot of people I know like to buy pretty notepads to put all these lists in, but I think those tend to get lost or bent. I prefer to have a small notebook to keep everything in so I can have all of my lists in one place! 
This is what I have been using my glitter notebook from J.Crew for lately!

My friends are constantly asking me for lists – packing lists, grocery lists, lists of movies and shows…I have them all! Here are some of the main lists I keep however that help me stay on top of things in college:
Grocery List – This one is pretty self-explanatory, but I try to keep it separated by recipe so I can keep in mind what meals I want to be making that week and never miss an ingredient!
Daily Homework List – I do this on top of filling out my Lilly planner. It helps me stay on top of everything I need to accomplish each day, and I make it every night and check it every morning! This is a big stress-reliever for me as well, because it keeps me from feeling overwhelmed by things that loom in the future.
Weekly Errands List – These are the mandatory things I need to get done, whether it is in between classes or on a free Sunday afternoon. Anything from calling our handyman to mailing a few packages!
Optional Activities List – This is how I keep myself from sitting around doing nothing. While I love watching Netflix and lounging around, I have gaps between classes and a lot of wide open afternoons that could become seriously wasted time if I don’t keep a long list of things I would like to get to, but that may not have a strict deadline. This list includes anything from scheduling a few blog posts to crafting things for around my house – really just anything to make sure I take advantage of my free time and do something useful!
How do you stay organized and mindful of everything you need to accomplish throughout the week?
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