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Have You Met My Best Friend?

I am a total Daddy’s girl. Not in the annoying, spoiled way that it tends to be stereotyped – I just happen to be best friends with my Dad. We text almost every day, constantly send each other funny emails and pictures, and we even snapchat! (Yes, I taught him how to snapchat!)
My dad has always been there for me no matter what, and I can’t imagine anyone in the world that deserves a special day dedicated to them more than him. Even though I am growing up, moving into the city and graduating next year, I know that my dad will always think of me as the little girl sitting in the front seat of his Pontiac dancing to Jack Johnson’s Taylor or Elton John’s Walking in Memphis. 

There is no way to express how much my dad means to me, but I am so fortunate to have such an incredible role model and best friend in my life. I attribute every single good personality trait and behavior to him. Thanks for always being the Dad I needed you to be, you’re my hero.

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