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Everyone has their own ways they like to stay organized, and god knows Pinterest can give you thousands of ideas. I personally have been using the same way to organize my jewelry since high school, adding to my storage dishes as my jewelry collection has grown over the years (don’t even get me started on how my jewelry addiction somehow snuck up on me at some point during my Junior year of high school)
I like to think of my vanity as a means of personal expression – one of my favorite ways to decorate my room and make myself feel more at home. I fell in love with these little dishes from Anthropologie a few years ago while shopping in Naples, and just this Christmas I added a matching bowl to hold my excessive bracelet collection (so many possibilities for bracelet stacks…)

My earring display was a random little wooden case I found at Michael’s and painted one rainy summer afternoon during high school. It could probably stand to be updated or just flat out replaced, but it gets the job done and I’ve grown somewhat attached to it. 
Lastly, my necklaces, which truthfully need a makeover more than any other part. Ever since statement necklaces became the item to own in the past year and a half or so, my necklace stand has become beyond over-crowded. I’m envisioning a replacement project in my near future…
And to top off my vanity display I adorn the far corner with my extensive perfume collection I have acquired over many birthdays and holidays. I love having all of my getting-ready items out in the open. For some reason it makes getting ready every evening feel a little bit more glamorous!

How do you display/store your jewelry?
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    June 10, 2014 at 7:56 pm

    I have a few jewelry trays but I also have a couple bracelet T-Bars and hooks for necklaces.

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