Mother Knows Best

In honor of Mother’s Day and one of my favorite Disney songs, I have decided to make today’s post a tribute to all of the motherly advice I have received throughout my life that I completely ignored — and completely shouldn’t have. Some are from my mom, some from my stepmom, and some are from the mothers of my closest friends who have over the years been nothing short of a third mom to me. 
After all, Mother knows best!

1. “Don’t roll your eyes or one day they’ll get stuck that way” – Okay so this one wasn’t necessarily one I shouldn’t have ignored because it was literal, but I definitely had some serious attitude (okay, okay, and I still do!) I think I heard this one from my mom at least once a day. I think I perfected the eye roll at age 6!
2. “He is not the last boy you’ll ever date” – Oh how much I hated this one! I thought I knew everything, and how dare they say that my 8th grade boyfriend somehow wasn’t supposed to be my husband?! Yikes! I think I still have many more frogs to kiss…
3. “Never shave your legs from side to side – ever!” – So this one may seem a little strange, but I will never lose the scar on my leg just because my stubborn middle school self thought that I could do whatever I wanted. This was a severe case of “Just because you told me not to, I’m doing it!” Man I was stubborn!
4. “Don’t ever try to sneak anything past me…I have eyes in the back of my head!” – I think this advice was broken more times than it was followed in high school, and I don’t think my friends and I ever got away with a single thing from any of our moms! That certainly didn’t stop us from trying though! Again, and again, and again….
5. “No phones at the dinner table!” – I truthfully make this rule anytime I am out to dinner with my boyfriend or my close friends. We stack our phones on the table and the first one to touch theirs gets some form of punishment – if we are at the bars they usually have to buy the next round! When I was younger this was basically torture, and as hard as it is for me now, I can’t stand when people just sit on their phones during meals!
Happy Mother’s Day to the many specials Moms in my life, and hopefully one day I will finally absorb and understand all of the sage advice and wisdom you have to offer!
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