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Decaf, Please!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the shocked expression on peoples faces when I tell them that I do not do drink caffeine (and haven’t since I was 15). Yes, that includes soda. I actually don’t drink anything carbonated at all. No coffee, no caffeinated tea, and no soda. It has actually been so long since I’ve had caffeine that when I do I feel very sick. 
I have also been known to have absolutely terrible sleeping habits, averaging between 2-4 hours a night. You’d think I would be walking around like a zombie, but I actually think I have more energy than a lot of my caffeine-dependent friends! (Some of my friends joke that my body naturally produces adderall – HA. I wish)
Everyone keeps asking me how I survive without caffeine, how I still have so much energy, and how I wake up when I’m feeling particularly sleepy. Here are some of the ways I get my (decaf) energy fix!
1. A Glass of Ice Water – First of all, I am nuts about ice water. I am one of those people that actually does drink 8-10 glasses of ice water a day – probably more. I also dab a little on each wrist if I’m extra sleepy!
2. Essential Oils – An awakening citrus scent like this delicious Meyer Lemon candle from Williams-Sonoma is a nice way to stay relaxed but wake yourself up with a yummy smell!
3. Take a 5-Minute Music Break – Don’t just play music at your desk. Get up, turn on some lively songs and move around for a little bit! The change of position and the extra movement will get your heart rate and muscles working again. For a great wake-up playlist, see my earlier post here!
4. Change the Lighting – I think this is the most little-known trick to wake up, but it is by far the most helpful in my opinion. Your eyes start to adjust to the same type of lightning, making it easier for them to shut and feel heavy. I try and change the lighting and move my lamps around every hour or so. That way the room still feels bright and my eyes are constantly having to re-adjust!
5. Quick Phone Call to a Friend – This one takes some discipline, because it can be easy to get caught up in a super long conversation and procrastinate. That’s why I usually set a timer on my phone when I do this one so I don’t go over the time limit! Call up an old friend you haven’t heard from in a while and chat for 5-10 minutes about something fun, then get back to work!
6. Funny Youtube Videos – I hesitate to provide any links on this one, because I highly doubt the things I find funny are even all that amusing, but when I need a little pick-me-up, watching a handful of funny and entertaining youtube videos is a great way to wake up and laugh a little. Just don’t get too sucked up watching cat videos for hours! (Another good substitute is Vine videos – they are short but funny!)
Those are some of my favorite ways to wake myself up and put a little pep in my step on my sleepiest days! What ways do you wake up besides caffeine? Did anyone give up caffeine for Lent?

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  • Reply
    April 3, 2014 at 8:12 pm

    I don't drink coffee either so these are great tips!

  • Reply
    April 4, 2014 at 3:11 am

    I am super impressed that you can get by without caffeine at all! I recently gave up diet coke (aka my addiction) for good and I trying to start drinking less and less caffeine in general because of what it does to your body. Can you recommend any good drinks for when you need something besides water? Great tips!


    • Reply
      Olivia Tennant
      April 5, 2014 at 6:51 pm

      Yes definitely! I love drinking any kind of juice, the flavor keeps me from snacking when I'm bored and it wakes me up a little bit. I also absolutely love decaf tea, whenever I go to restaurants if I'm not drinking water I drink lemonade!

  • Reply
    Ernest Newton
    June 27, 2014 at 6:46 pm

    Those are some great ideas to replace caffeine in your life, Olivia! I personally think that when it comes to coffee, to each is own, right? It's sad how there are some people who don’t really consider decaf coffee as “real coffee” when they can be as good as the original. There are just people who aren’t very comfortable with having caffeine in their systems. Well for me, it’s really all a matter of whatever floats our boat. Anyway, nice post. Stay beautiful! 😀

    Ernest Newton @ Java King Coffee

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