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In one of my marketing classes the other day I came across a website that I actually found to be extremely useful (and kinda fun!) With all of us now enduring what is sure to be our post-Vitamin D hangovers (R.I.P. Spring Break), I think this website couldn’t come at a better time, especially for those that may have been on slightly more…rowdy vacations.
The site is called reppler and it’s super easy to use! You just login via Facebook (don’t worry – they really don’t post anything!) and it will run a scan that can tell you literally everything about yourself and your social media presence. This site is especially useful for those of you that might be applying to jobs soon and want to make sure there isn’t any inappropriate content that might be considered a ‘red flag’ to potential employers.
You can even connect it to your twitter, LinkedIn, etc! 
It has some fun features too, like telling you the most common words that appear on your Facebook (right now mine include 21, happy and birthday a lot). I felt a little silly after viewing mine because it made me realize how often I say certain things. It might be time to expand my vocabulary a little bit…
Just for fun, I decided to include some images of what my reppler scan showed me! Go check it out!
I will definitely be monitoring this every few weeks to make sure that nothing new appears!
What did your reppler scan tell you?
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    March 30, 2014 at 4:45 pm

    Wow this is such a great idea, especially with the amount of info on social media these days now you can better filter what you are putting out to your employers!

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