Teaching My First College Course

HA! Me, teaching a college course? That would be a sight to see. No, that is just my fancy way of saying that my school has decided to implement a January Semester (Nicknamed J-Term) for three weeks, delaying second semester until the beginning of February. 
I could easily launch into a tirade about the million and one reasons why I find this new endeavor of my school a catastrophic waste of everyone’s time and money, but instead I have decided to make a meager attempt at using the free time to be as productive as possible, and my friends and I have invented our very own sprint course! (Of which we are, obviously, the professors).
When we realized we neither wanted to spend the money nor needed the credit hours involved in enrolling in an actual course, we all knew we had to find some way to be as productive as possible and develop some sort of routine or we would go absolutely stir-crazy! (Some of you might be thinking – you have an entire month off and you want to work?!) But believe me, when you’ve already had a regular-length Christmas Break, you’ve had just about all the Netflix and sleeping in you can handle.
That doesn’t mean our sprint course can’t be fun, though! Everyday, starting today, we are implementing a mandatory routine complete with an extensive workout routine, cooking recipes from Pinterest that are both healthy and delicious, and doing 2-3 activities or chores that we have been putting off for god knows how long.
A typical day in my “sprint course” is going to go something like this:
Hardly a heavy course-load, huh? We wanted to make sure we stuck to a strict workout routine and healthy diet, and it was also really important to us to throw in a few extra activities that we have either been putting off, or that we just love to do but never seem to find the time to do. 
Some of my personal leisure activities are going to include painting, working on my blog, reading, organizing and crafting things for my room and around the house, and a secret special project you will all be finding out about sometime next month! (Get excited!)

More than anything, we wanted to use this opportunity for free time as a chance to work on self-improvement on several different levels: body, mind, and diet. We spend so much of the school year building up extremely unhealthy levels of stress, so activities like meditation, yoga, and therapy through blogging/painting are going to help us relax amidst all the chaos!
I can’t wait to keep you all updated on our progress! 
Here’s to hoping I get a good grade in this course!

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