The State of Print

Being a guilty convert from paper reading products to e-readers, this post is probably a bit hypocritical. But I can’t help but comment on the overwhelming decline of use of printed books and magazines. Trust me, I own a Kindle and it is one of my favorite purchases I’ve ever made; it was absolutely perfect for my trip to Europe because I read way too fast and couldn’t have backpacked around Europe hauling a bunch of paperback books. But I really think its sad how rare it is to see someone holding an actual book these days.

There’s still something so refreshing and comfortable about cracking open a new paperback book. The feel of the pages turning in your hands, the smell of the pages when you flip through them…(Yes I know I’m a huge nerd and I’m proud of it. I love reading!) And although I am one of the many that have switched over to the ever-popular e-readers, the one thing I really can’t let go of is magazines. I will never, ever be able to read a magazine online.

I love flipping through magazines, smelling the perfume samples, and actually physically holding the pages in my hands. Besides, staring at a screen all day really kills my eyes – I crave being able to take a break from all the white light on my various screens and just some read some old-fashioned black and white print.

I’m a loyal magazine subscriber. I never ever get mail (unless its junk) so its always pretty exciting whenever my mailbox is filled up with various magazines. My favorite thing to do is grab some nail polish, a good chick flick, a glass of wine and one of my new magazines – I’ll be entertained for hours. I’m pretty stubborn and set in my ways, I suppose, but to me magazines are just the one thing that I can’t allow to transfer over to technology. They’re too much fun when they’re printed!

Which do you prefer: printed or online reading?

“We read to know that we are not alone”

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