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If you follow my blog you know how much I love tea. I never drink caffeine or coffee so (decaf) tea is the one thing I really have on a daily basis. There’s this amazing store called Teavana that sells dozens of amazing tea blends, accessories, and more. My favorite part is they always have tons of yummy samples out in the store for you to try! 
(I am definitely guilty of going in two different times during my shopping trip on Sunday. Oops!)
The problem is it’s a little pricey, but I finally caved and bought myself a small little bag of my absolute favorite tea they sell. I tried a sample of the iced tea version when I was in Detroit and it’s been on my wish list ever since. 
It’s called Berry Kiwi Colada and its amazing. Super refreshing for summer, and very fruity without being overpowering. I love that you can make any of their teas hot or iced so it works year round!

Then I found out you can even go into the store and they will brew you a cup of whatever tea you want – iced or hot! Amazing! It’s probably a good thing for my wallet that we don’t have one of these stores in Oxford. 
What’s your favorite kind of tea? Any suggestions for new ones I should try??

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