Road Trip Essentials

Finishing off the road trip theme of today, I have prepared a list of the absolute essentials for road trips, from which bags to bring and what to put in them!

1. A good-sized tote or purse to keep your wallet, keys, and everything in between organized and in one place. Personally I’m partial to a large Longchamp Le Pliage tote because it’s what I use everyday and I think it’s the perfect size!
2. A cute cooler to store snacks and waters in! I never eat fast food, so I always bring a cooler with me on road trips so I can bring some healthy alternatives to snack on while I drive. This insulated cooler bag from Lilly Pulitzer is too cute!
3. A duffel bag, of course! I’m a notorious over-packer (guilty as charged) so I try to just use my Vera Bradley duffel whenever I go on a trip – cute, and big enough to let me over-pack a little without getting too crazy. 
1. A cute tumbler, like this one from Lilly Pulitzer! I’ve really adamant about not using plastic water bottles on road trips because of the hazards of the sun heating up plastic water bottles in cars.. (If you haven’t heard, it releases a chemical from the bottle that has been linked to breast cancer!)
2. An ipod (or some other mp3 player) stocked with perfect playlists so you can keep your eyes on the road and your mind on the music! Check out my road trip playlist here.
3. A good pair of sunglasses (polarized are better in my opinion). I’m currently obsessed with my monogrammed polarized wayfarer sunglasses from Marley Lilly! (I’m always too afraid to buy Ray-Bans because I have bad luck with sunglasses breaking and getting lost. Oops!)
4. Some healthy foods that are easy to snack on! I really try not to use road trips as an excuse to fill up on garbage foods – especially with all the driving I’ve been doing this summer. I would be seriously gaining weight otherwise! Grapes, apple slices, nuts or trail mix, and pretzel crisps (my favorite) are all great options for on the road treats. 
5. A GPS. If you’re as directionally challenged as me, this is an absolute must. (I definitely have to turn the volume off though, I can’t handle that woman barking orders at me all day!) Luckily my car has a built-in GPS but a Garmin is a great option too!
6. A car charger for your phone! UGH I wish I had this last weekend. My ipod wasn’t working and my phone couldn’t survive the 9 hour drive from Michigan while I was using it for music. The last hour of that car ride was uncomfortably silent…
What are your absolute essentials for road trips?

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