Essentials of the Week(s)

Anyone who knows me at all will tell you that I have one of the most addictive personalities of anyone you will ever meet…no seriously. Its almost dangerously addictive, to even the smallest or simplest of things. The strangest part of it is, I always have exactly a two week attention span with anything I become addicted to or obsessed with. The minute two weeks is up, I’m so sick of whatever it is that I don’t want anything to do with it again for a long time.

This happens with literally anything – food, drinks, a game on my phone, a certain song, an outfit…Anything that survives more than two weeks of my addictive attention span is seriously impressive. For example, when I discovered dark chocolate-covered pretzel crisps this summer (oh. my. god). I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Every single day at work I couldn’t wait to get home and devour another serving of them, and every night before bed I always snuck a couple more. But after exactly two weeks – BOOM – bored of these and not all that interested anymore.

No matter when it is, I always have a constant selection of anywhere from 2-10 things that I am absolutely addicted to! (Of course some things really do last more than two weeks – the stronger the addiction to it the shorter it lasts because I tend to get pretty burnt out).

So these are just a few of the things that I am in love with at the moment! Basically things that are essential to my life every single day or I feel out of place and out of sorts – at least for the next two weeks!

1. My New Lilly Pulitzer Planner! I pre-ordered this almost as soon as they came out and its finally here! I love the new print, although I still find it so unnecessary that they insist on making these planners 16 months long. It really messes with my OCD…Does anyone else think this is strange? I’ve only had it for two days and I’ve already filled it up with everything I can think of. 
2. Vanilla-Lavender Candle from Bath & Body Works. Naturally I love this candle, it combines my two favorite scents in such a calming way – It drives me crazy when candles are too overpowering but this one is perfect! I light it every night when I’m trying to unwind from a long day. I’ve already almost used mine up!
3. My Kindle Fire (and its new adorable Kate Spade Case!!) I’ve been taking a lot of trips lately, so I’ve been doing a lot more reading than usual with the extra free time. One of my favorite things to do when I come up north to Michigan is sit on the back porch and read while I watch the water. SO peaceful.
4. Tazo Refresh-Mint Tea. I have been fairly obsessed with Tazo Passion tea for a while, but the other day at a restaurant with my friends I branched out and tried this new flavor and now I am totally in love with it. The mint is so refreshing and energizing (It’s really hard for me to find a tea that gives me energy since I don’t drink caffeine – I know, I’m crazy!) I definitely recommend this flavor. 
5. Eos Lip Balm in Sweet Mint. I guess there is a theme with the mint products right now but I can’t get enough of this stuff. I’ll admit, I initially bought it because I thought the shape was so interesting (totally judged a book by its cover, in a good way!) but I ended up loving it! The mint leaves your lips feeling tingly and I don’t feel like I’m putting on some little-kid fruity-flavored chapstick. Definitely a must-have right now!
What are your essentials to get you through the day?


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