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The Wine Bible: Crash Course

As if starting a new blog wasn’t enough of a project to take on this summer, I have decided to give myself a crash course on anything and everything wine. I drink it frequently enough, and I definitely have some grasp on what wines I do and don’t like, but I always feel like such a fraud when I order wine at a restaurant. As if I seriously know the difference in all of the wines on the wine list besides the price $$$.

Whenever I am home for the summer or holidays my dad is constantly spewing information about different types of wines, where they come from, etc. (All the while I’m nodding my head and wishing he would stop talking and just hand it over!) But I realized at some point in my life it might actually be useful to have some idea of what I’m talking about!

That was when I stumbled upon the all-knowing book, The Wine Bible, a “quick” 910 page summer read by Karen MacNeil, on my dad’s bookshelf. So, being the overachiever that I am, I decided this summer would be the perfect opportunity to study the book, taste some of my dad’s more expensive and rare wines and try to actually learn something useful and fun. (Couldn’t be any worse than the classes I study when I’m at school, right?)

Then my dad gets the brilliant idea that he should be my professor of this little wine crash course I invented, and declared that I would be receiving weekly quizzes on the book. Yea…so this isn’t sounding all that fun anymore. Next he announced his grading scale as follows:

A: I win a free bottle of wine! (I can get on board with this reward…)
B: I get to drink some very nice wine with him (still totally content with this concept)
C: No wine for me   🙁
D: I owe him a bottle of wine (as long as he’s okay with the $6.00 kind)
F: No more wine for me for the rest of the MONTH! (that seems a bit extreme…)
However, I relented because, let’s face it, I have OCD and I have never gotten a C in my life. So I have officially begun my adventure in my crash course on the study of wine…all 910 pages of it. Hopefully by the end of the summer I will have an extensive wine collection gifted from my dad and I won’t feel like such a fraud the next time I am ordering wine at a fancy restaurant! 
My first quiz is tonight…Stay tuned for the results!
Is anyone else trying to learn something new this summer?

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    Layne Gernert
    June 14, 2013 at 12:56 am

    omg what were your results!?!

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