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10 Blogs I Love to Read

10 Blogs I Love to Follow

One of my absolute favorite parts of the blogging community is meeting other bloggers sharing and creating similar (or different) content and getting a glimpse into their lives the way you would with an “in-person” friendship. In some ways, I feel like I’m more in the loop with friends I’ve made through blogging than outside of it, because even if we haven’t had a second to catch up recently, I can follow along with what they’ve been up to!  …

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Seersucker & Sailboats | The Perfect Beach Style and Accessories for Summer

monogram seersucker beach cover-up

Being raised in the South, I’ve always had a slightly above average love for monogramming. While I’ve definitely tempered my obsession as I’ve gotten older, I still think having a personal touch can take an item (especially a gift) to the next level! With summer in full swing until at least mid-October here in Chicago, I am savoring every possible second of it.   My foreseeable future Saturdays almost exclusively consist of relaxing by the lake, pool, or any other body…

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Home Decor,Lifestyle

Affordable Home Decor Finds & Where To Get Them

affordable and chic home decor and where to find it

My roommate and I have been slowly but surely re-decorating our living room – emphasis on slowly. We’re both definitely on a budget, and I’m in a weird place when it comes to purchasing home decor because I don’t want to invest in low quality items. I am also trying to be realistic about my future and not invest in high price-tag items if I might be moving again in the future (which I most likely will be).   That means we’re…

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Essentials of the Week!

ice cream summer inspiration

Welcome to August, friends! Does anyone know what age it is that you stop feeling like you should be stocking up on fresh new school supplies and filling out a new agenda as soon as August rolls around? I had some seriously nostalgic moments this morning thinking back on those incredible summers growing up where your only responsibilities were sleeping in, eating junk food while your parents were at work, lounging by the pool and watching tv shows like Zoey 101 and Drake…

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Puerto Rico Guacamole Recipe You NEED To Try

puerto rico guacamole recipe

I’ve been selfishly holding this guacamole recipe to myself ever since my trip to Puerto Rico for my birthday. After serving it several times and having people demand the recipe, I’ve decided to share it with everyone! (It actually just never occurred to me to share the recipe…I was too focused on figuring out how many chips I could eat before I explode!) We found this recipe at a restaurant next to my cousins adorable little surf shack in Puerto Rico…

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4 Things I Always Keep In My Gym Bag

4 Things I Always Keep in my Gym Bag

Finding time to incorporate regular workouts into your routine is so difficult when you try to balance it with the rest of your schedule. There are so many ways that a workout can suddenly become “too inconvenient” in conjunction with your other plans. Early meetings? Need to look presentable. Dinner or happy hour plans? Won’t have time to wash my hair! My workout routine consists of a couple of different things, so I tend to need different things with me…

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